Our Ginger Tea Blends! 

St. Francis- Spicy and refreshing! Sifted Organic Ginger

Samurai Rush - green tea, peppermint, and ginger

Detox Tisane - an herbal blend of holy basil, spearmint, burdock, peppermint, rosehips, red clover, linden blossoms, and ginger

The Blue Lagoon - rejuvenate with this herbal blue cup of ancient butterfly pea flower, tulsi holy basil, ginger, turmeric, and lemon verbena 

Mint, Magnolia, Ginger - an herbal blend of mint, magnolia, and ginger

Peachy Ginger Passion - a blend of black tea, peaches, mango, ginger, and natural flavor

we like to add fresh chopped ginger, pickled or dried to our herbal teas

*all of these teas are available in our retail store and select ones online

Ginger has a long tradition of healing properties for the body.

Ginger belongs in Zingiberaceae botanical family which includes other spices such as turmeric and cardamom. Ginger root has been used as a culinary and medicinal spice for centuries across the world from ancient China and India to Rome and Greece.

Research shows that ginger helps soothe the digestion system, relieve nausea, and is an anti-inflammatory. 

It is a diaphoretic tea, meaning that it will warm you from the inside out. Ginger root encourages perspiration so it can be used when a fever is coming on.