No. 111 Dark Cocoa Nut Matcha

No. 111 Dark Cocoa Nut Matcha

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A Tea Xotics instant blend of Premium quality Matcha, Coconut milk powder, Dark Cocoa & Cane sugar, just add hot water stir and enjoy!


Coconut milk provides many health benefits and has the ability to help build the bodys immune system and prevent disease

Dark Chocolate has many health benefits and is loaded in antioxidants

Brewing Instructions

  • Simply add hot water, stir and enjoy pure health & energy.


  • Japanese Matcha Green Tea is known to add vitality and clarity of mind to support you're healthy lifestyle
  • Matcha from the Uji city in Kyoto Perfecture in Japan which
    is considered one of the top producing areas in the world
    for Matcha
  • We use Premium Matcha from the worlds leading producer
  • 5.15 oz = 12-8 oz cups or 20-16 oz iced cups




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